Message from the Chairman

The role of electricity, electronics, communication and computers in the present world is well established. All the fields of this fascinating discipline i.e. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) are indispensable in modernizing and improving the quality of lives of the people on the earth.

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is one of the prominent departments in FCUB, and it attracts the top notch students from the yearly intake of FCUB. Our Department has successfully managed to attract the right mix of high caliber, experienced and professional faculty members and researchers. Most of the senior faculty have overseas teaching and research experience. Therefore, our students have a unique opportunity to draw on the knowledge and experience of highly competent, intellectual, professional, and devoted educators.

The department offers a four years (eight semesters) broad spectrum degree of B. Sc. Engineering in Electrical and Electronic with the provision for doing major and minor in various fields such as power & energy, electronics, communications, and computer.

Our programs prepare the students to compete in today’s research and job premises. Our curricula are regularly updated to accommodate the latest developments and breakthroughs in various fields of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and make our graduates able to accept the emerging challenges in the research as well as industrial premises. Notably the graduates of this department have long been engaged in the profession with reputation around the globe.

Our vision is to provide the opportunity to the brilliant youth of our beloved country to realize their full potential and obtain a world class education, and to enable them to participate in and contribute to the development of our society. Though the budget is very meager as the typical of a developing country like Bangladesh, with the dedications of the faculty the department is heading towards creating an outstanding learning environment, where the state-of-art laboratories, libraries, access to knowledge resources; abundance of computers, extra-curricular activities and most importantly the personal care all are present.

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Md. Arifur Rahman

Assistant Professor, & Chairman

Department of EEE,

First Capital University of Bangladesh.