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The Department’s vision is more of a “learning institution’’ than a mere “teaching institution. It is not a “teaching shop”; obviously the focus is more on knowledge than mere skills. The faculty is individuals who are deep researchers qualified to write and critique contemporary textbooks in the area they teach; obviously they do not teach to a “fixed syllabus”. They “design” the courses taking into account current trends and the student background so as to blend what is collectively taught across different courses into a cohesive body of knowledge that prepares the students not just for to day but to take on the developments that are likely to take place years ahead. What is laid in the courses is a solid foundation that prepares the individual student to pursue academic or industrial career with rigor and innovation which is the prime mission of the program. The lectures are supplemented by tutorials and self-reading (both individually and in groups) as well as projects. It is not sufficient to pick up what is taught in the class or written in the textbooks; it is important to understand, assimilate and demonstrate the individual and collective ability to apply the knowledge to a research / application environment. This is what sets apart our University from the rest of the institutions.


Our mission is to cultivate knowledge, offer high-quality education, and encourage academic research among FCUB faculty. We strive to shape students into skilled professionals in their fields.


Our vision, "Education for Excellence," drives us to be the foremost resource for national and global leadership in education, finance, culture, society, and politics. We aim to equip students for success in education and the competitive global arena.